WhatsApp using too much data

WhatsApp using too much data: How to reduce WhatsApp Data Usage

Why is whatsapp using too much data? You may ask. Whatsapp data usage cannot be underestimated when it comes to how mobile data is used in our everyday life.

There may not be specific ways on how to reduce, lower or save whatsapp data usage. However, doing your very best to decrease the impact of the seemingly inevitable chatting app - whatsapp on your mobile data can be crucial. 

After dishing out so many functionalities and whatsapp updates to subscribers, who knows exactly what Zuckerberg and his crew may be planning for whatsapp users with over 1 billion user logging in every month

That number is shocking, right?


People are more protective of the usage of their mobile data than their phones now.



Because it leaks like a gas cylinder. Data plans replaced the GSM system which offered voice and text transmission only.

Generally is it is a connection to the internet through an IP network.

With data plans, one can also make use of multimedia preferences too. A data plan may be connected to a 3G, 4G or LTE network.

Compared to its other siblings: Wi-Fi and ADSL; mobile data usage is limited and constrained in that, there is a price for each megabyte of data used.

Some people get easily protective of their mobile data for so many reasons. Apparently, the price service providers give users vary from country to country.

You’re forced to save data on every app running on your smartphones in as much as you enjoy the varied services you’re offered.

So what is draining your precious mobile data like a vampire?

Oh yeah, mosquitoes-like WhatsApp may be doing that magic. whatsapp using too much data.

4 Awesome tips to Stop WhatsApp using too much data on your Mobile Phone

Sorry to WhatsApp users – because there may be other stubborn services and apps which drains mobile data. However, WhatsApp seem to be winning the race. What else can you do about this phenomenon than to mute it or better of - turn it off.

Let me help you with a number of things you can do to enjoy your mobile phone data to its maximum.

WhatsApp using too much data tip #1:
Use less data when calling on whatsApp

If mobile data usage is hurting you, then WhatsApp can help you manage the situation better. You can set WhatsApp to actually reduce the amount of data consumed during a call through the App.

Nobody knows how WhatsApp does this in the backend of the App but it works. However, there’s always a slight reduction in the quality when this feature is turned ON.

You can try this feature, the next time you make a call through WhatsApp.

To activate the data saving option;

  • Enter Settings
  • Then Data Usage.

In the options,

Select - Low Data Usage.

WhatsApp using too much data tip #2:
Don't Download Heavy Media Automatically

Where else do you look at when your mobile data is oozing out? Nowhere else than your media history.

Who doesn’t love to download a gossip from a friend, colleague or family? We all love to share. Video, music or news; you’re always curious and in a rush to see what is in there.

Little do we say ‘WOW’ to these media? Most of the time that video has either been seen or shared before (PASCO) or is not all that great.

So in your quest to download the next big gossip or news a friend sent to you, know that your data consumption and mobile phone storage may not be your best friends.

WhatsApp as an instant messaging app also have these video and other media sharing capabilities.

It’s always prudent to check the number of kilobytes if not megabytes coming in with a video. Look into whatsapp video data usage.

But there is hope. Anidasoͻ wͻ hͻ ...

WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to set your multimedia files to not download on your mobile data but only on a WIFI connection.  

In fact, that is what I normally do.

And it saves me my mobile data for more important things like read this blog. Moreover, you know your phone will ‘automagicallyswitch to WIFI whenever multimedia asset is on the table.

It saves you a great deal of good shit.

Key Takeaways:

Lets try it out.

In the Settings > Data Usage menu, there is a section for Media auto-download. When you select 'When using mobile data', you’re presented with a menu to check whether to download

  • images
  • audio
  • videos 
  • documents or
  • none of these (by keeping all options unchecked).

If you are on a serious mobile data diet, uncheck all.

You can, of course, check all in the 'When connected on Wi-Fi' menu, which is the default setting.

The mere fact that you don’t want to download multimedia items automatically, doesn’t mean you can’t download a very important video or news sent to you by your boss.

Maybe your neighbour sent you a video of your house on fire. Hey that is serious. You can always download these important multimedia files manually even on mobile data connection.

In the WhatsApp chat area, there will be a placeholder for the item, which you can touch to download.

WhatsApp using too much data tip #3:
Restrict Your Chat Backup

I personally dislike this backup thing on WhatsApp. But who am I to complain.

Who the hell wants to keep a whatsapp backup of chats? All those awful “I’m sorry's” and the “corrupt conversations” you’ve been having on WhatsApp.

"Ohhhh... I'm in the spirit.." ​

If you want to keep them, so be it. I wouldn’t.

WhatsApp allows you to backup all your whatsapp chats in the cloud (huge servers and databases hidden in some obscure places)

This means that it stores a copy of all your text chats, images and videos (not your voice calls) on your Google Drive account which your Gmail account gives you automatically. This allows you to retrieve them later when the need arises.

You can always do so whenever your phone is stolen, after changing phone or a re-installation of the WhatsApp application.

You can now be hitting your stomach in a joyous mood, if you really value your conversations and multimedia content. Note that just like the “don’t download automatically” feature, you can wait till you reach a Wi-Fi hotspot to have it done.


  • You can set that in Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • In the 'Back-up over' option select Wi-Fi instead of Wi-Fi or Cellular.
  • You can also restrict the interval of your backup.
  • By default, it is done monthly.
  • You can change that on the 'Backup to Google Drive' option to never backup.
  • You can choose to do this as often as daily or weekly, or whenever you want.

There is a button in the main chat Backup menu that allows you to make the backup whenever you want manually. However, since videos can be downloaded automatically or even manually, you can choose to exclude videos from your backups.

So, in the same Chat backup menu, make sure the 'Include videos' option remains unchecked. For iPhone users, there aren't as many options as with the Android version.

The settings are a little bit different. The backup is done on iCloud. But the feature is there.


  • Enter the iCloud driver settings in Setting > iCloud > iCloud Drive and set the Use Cellular Data option to off.
  • Excluding videos when backing-up, can be done in WhatsApp Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup. Where you can set the Include Videos option off.
  • Monitor Your Data Consumption

WhatsApp using too much data tip #4:
What cannot be tracked cannot be measured.

When saving mobile data, the figures you will be more likely be interested in if you want to monitor your device are the Media bytes received and sent.

This information indicates how much data is spent on media, which is one of the biggest data consumers. Note that you spend your mobile data when sending messages and media as well as receiving.

Same applies to calls. You spend data when receiving calls as well as making them. You may also be interested in the figure allocated for WhatsApp call bytes sent and/or received.

There are figures for data used up for backing up as well. The most important figures are the total bytes sent and received, which appear at the bottom. Your operating system can help you control data usage as well.

You access it through Settings > Data Usage.

Whatsapp high background data usage may be the culprit.​ It may be the reason why WhatsApp using too much data.

Ideally, what I do is set a data limit. As a result, my mobile data turns off or prompts me when I’m approaching the limit or exceeding it. You can set a mobile data limit, beyond which your mobile data will automatically turn off.

This applies not only to WhatsApp or not peculiar to individual apps but for the total number of bytes used in the whole device. Android gives you a list of apps that consume mobile data, sorting them in descending order of data consumption.

The hogs will appear on top. For each of them, you can choose to restrict background data, which implies barring the app from using mobile data when running in the background.

I do not recommend this for WhatsApp though, as you will definitely want to be notified when a WhatsApp message or a call arrives.

For this, it needs to run in the background.

It is possible to reduce WhatsApp data usage or stop whatsapp from using too much data for a WhatsApp gold experience.​

Disclaimer: “This post was inspired by a lifewire post on ways to save data when using whatsapp.”