Vodafone X Bundle: All you Need to Know about its Packages

Vodafone X Packages and Bundle Subscription

Vodafone X is more than just a bundle.

It’s a lifestyle.

That is what Vodafone Ghana says about one of its flagship internet data bundle product. Created with the Ghanaian youth in mind, Vodafone X bundle is still relevant today.

Over 4 years ago Vodafone sought to target the youth, students and the young at heart. With some lucrative and enticing bundles, Vodafone X was a deal breaker.

Coming with its own unique chip, this offer has saved many on data bundles.

First, let me declare my bias toward Vodafone X bundles. I’ve used a number of Vodafone X bundles for a some years now. I don’t know all about it but I can share my experience and go free without you shooting me.

Inasmuch as this offer came in as a lifestyle product for the youth. It offered great data bundles and loyalty packages for its subscribers. According to Vodafone , you can get up to 10gb for all your browsing data needs and enjoy Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

You also get double bonus on all top ups.

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How to Subscribe to Vodafone X Bundle?

  • First, a new subscriber must be below 24 years to be able to subscribe to any Vodafone X package.
  • Second, you have to own its accompanying data SIM to subscribe to Vodafone X is by .
  • Third, you’ll need to have an amount or balance equivalent or more than the package you desire to activate.

With all these checkbox ticked, you can call 5888 for a voice prompt on how to subscribe to Vodafone X. You can also dial *5888# to follow a popup prompt on your display screen. All other Terms and Conditions applied.

Simple Steps to Use this Offer?

  • Dial 5888 or *5888# and follow the prompts on your phone or the display screen.
  • Select the Vodafone X bundle you want to subscribe to and continue.
  • Vodafone then deduct the cost or amount of the package from your existing balance.
  • You’ll receive a welcome message to the offer, a confirmation to the exact benefits of the package and the period the offer will last.

How to activate Vodafone X bundles

You only activate your  packages if you are an existing subscriber.

Therefore, you’re believed to have fulfilled the terms of service.

Activating Vodafone X packages is as simple as:

  1. Dialing 5888 or *5888# to follow the prompts on your phone or the display screen.
  2. Select another package if you wish or continue with a previous package of choice.
  3. Vodafone then deduct the cost or amount of the package from your existing balance.
  4. You’ll receive a welcome message to the offer, a confirmation to the exact benefits of the package and the period the offer will last.

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Benefits to a Vodafone X subscriber

As part of improving the experience  for its fourth anniversary, Vodafone Ghana gave away 1GB additional data for its X-weekly Plus Bundle to be used for Whatsapp only and additional 5GB for Snapchat for the X-Monthly, X- Monthly Plus, X-treme Monthly and X-treme Plus Bundles.

These additional data allocations for the Vodafone X @ 4 promotion ended on March 31st 2019 at 23:59:59 GMT. Even though this offer may not be available now, there are several benefits of using Vodafone X today.

Like any other Vodafone data bundle and products from telcos – MTN Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana etc, its damn overwhelming and complicated.

Oh my word!

Of course, you want something every individual and every purse. But having about 10 packages on a single product is quite overwhelming. Can I complain. I guess I’ve no choice. So then, there’s something for everyone.

How does Vodafone-x stand as a Vodafone data bundle?

There are 2 set of offers on Vodafone X. The all night Insomnia Bundles and regular bundles. All its data bundles allow you to enjoy;

  • free community calls
  • free on-net SMS.
  • Double bonus on all top ups
  • 3 times within a Week and a Month period.

However, there are different data packages and FREE social media apps data in addition for your browsing pleasure.

Now let us look at the different Vodafone X bundle offers available today:

BundleDurationBrowsing Data(MB/GB)Free Apps DataPrice
Quick Fix1 Day50MB25MB – Facebook & WhatsAppGHc 1.50
Quick Fix Plus1 Day100MB50MB – Facebook & WhatsAppGHc 2.00
X-Social3 Days200MB50MB – Facebook & WhatsAppGHc 2.99
X-Social Plus3 Days300MB100MB – Facebook & WhatsAppGHc 3.99
X-Weekly7 Days500MB150MB – Facebook, WhatsApp & TwitterGHc 6.49
X-Weekly Plus7 Days650MB250MB – Facebook, WhatsApp & TwitterGHc 8.00
X-Monthly30 Days1.20GB500MB – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & InstagramGHc 17.99
X-Monthly Plus30 Days2GB700MB – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & InstagramGHc 19.99
X-treme Monthly30 Days3GB1.5GB – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & InstagramGHc 29.99
X-treme Monthly Plus30 Days4GB2.5MB – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & InstagramGHc 39.99

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Questions on X bundle and Packages

What is the Vodafone x code?

The Vodafone X code is 5888.
You can call 5888 to follow a voice prompt or *5888# to follow a popup prompt on your display screen.
I have missed this Vodafone X code several times and had to either call customer service for assistance
or do a quick Google search.

How do I check my X bundle?

You can check your Vodafone X bundle by;
Dialing *124# if you already have ongoing data package available.
You can also dial *5888# and you’ll be prompted if you have an ongoing or active package.
If you don’t have an ongoing data package, you’ll be introduced to the offers available.


Now that you know about Vodafone X packages and bundle subscription, you’re ready to subscribe if you’re below 24 without worrying Vodafone’s use of service and Terms and Conditions.

Further, if you’re an active or a returning subscriber, you can activate your offer within minutes.

Yep, that’s it! it is pretty cool if you consume a lot of data, eh?

Vodafone X is truly one of a lifestyle indeed.


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