Vodafone Bundle Codes: All about Vodafone Bundles Offers 2019

Vodafone Bundle Codes, Shortcodes and Bundles Offers

In short, there are just a few Vodafone Bundle codes you’ll need for internet access.
You can dial *700# to access Vodafone data bundles and other browsing resources. You can further explore more on individual data bundles with *700*1#. However, you’re advice to dial *151# to find whatever you need about Vodafone data Bundles on this Vodafone Information Service code. It will be your saviour on anything DATA(internet) on Vodafone Ghana without dialing special Vodafone Bundles codes for individual Vodafone data bundles.

Vodafone Bundles codes available in Ghana Today

*700# – Vodafone data bundle menu with other Browsing Resources
*700*1# – Specific Vodafone Bundle Offers (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Jumbo, Knight King, etc..)
*700*4# – Buy Data Bundle for Someone
*151# – Vodafone Information Service
*150# – Vodafone IDD and Roaming Services
*900# – Check your Vodafone Broadband Balance
*126# – Check your Available Balance on your Bundle
*127# – Check your Vodafone Mobile Number

100Customer Support
585Vodafone Caller Tunes
655Send query by SMS to 655
PORT to 600Number Portability
050 1000 300Customer Support Whatsapp Number
*134*PIN/Scratch Card code#Load Vodafone Airtime/Credit
*151#Vodafone Information Service (VIS)
*150#Vodafone IDD and Roaming Services
*124#Balance Enquiry
*127#Check your Mobile Number
*146#Self SIM Registration
*474#Vodafone Cash Registration
*505#Borrow Airtime
*516#Share/Transfer Credit
*700#Buy Data Bundle
*126#Check available Balance on your Bundle
*565#Reserve your number to avoid losing it
*400#Know if your number is registered
*900#Check your Broadband Balance
*7070#Vodafone Red offers
*127*11#General News

Types of Vodafone Bundle Offers in Ghana

Vodafone has grouped its internet bundle offers into 3 distinct categories. Namely,

  1. Data Bundles
  2. Voice and Data Bundles
  3. Made 4 Me Offers

Like all the other telecommunication service providers in Ghana, these categorizations make it quiet difficult to find what specific data bundle and its corresponding code.

In fact, this is so overwhelming.

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In fact, the goal is to satisfy the needs of everybody and reach every pocket as well. However, since our main aim today is to ascertain the various Vodafone Bundles codes, we’ll be looking at the Data Bundle category in this post.

NB: This post has the most current Vodafone Bundle codes and bundle names. This list will be updated as at when the need arises. Reasons being that, Vodafone changes its bundle names and codes periodically to suit its operations. Therefore, a certain bundle may have a different name and/or code from what it used to be previously. Please take not of  this in relation to all the Vodafone Bundle codes.

Vodafone Bundle Codes, Prices and Validity

PackageBundleValidityData Volume (MB/GB)
PirceShortcode - Dial
Vodafone HourlyAn Hour1 Hour500MBGHS1*700*51#
An Hour1 Hour2GBGHS12*700*52#
Vodafone DailyStarter Daily1 day25MBGHS0.5*700*10#
Chat Daily1 day130MB GHS2*700*12#
Browser Max Daily1 day550MBGHS3*700*13#
Browser Lite Daily1 day1GBGHS5*700*15#
Browser Lite Daily (Bundle for Someone)1 day1GBGHS5*700*15#
Vodafone WeeklyStarter Weekly7 days80MBGHS2*700*22#
Dual Recharge 57 days450MBGHS5*700*25#
Downloader Lite7 days1.5GBGHS10*700*212#
Streamer Max Weekly7 days4GBGHS20*700*220#
Vodafone MonthlyChat Monthly30 day 1.2GBGHS20*700*330#
Chat Monthly30 day2GBGHS20*700*330#
Browser30 day4GBGHS20*700*340#
Dual Recharge 530 day5.5GBGHS60*700*350#
Vodafone JumboJumbo Streamer30 day20GBGHS199*700*199#
Jumbo Max30 day100GBGHS299*700*299#
Jumbo Optimus30 day200GBGHS399*700*399#
Vodafone Special1 + 1 Daily1 day300MB GHS5 *700*61#
1 + 1 weekly7 days800MBGHS15*700*62#
1 + 1 Monthly 130 day1GGHS20*700*63#
1 + 1 Monthly 230 day2GGHS40*700*64#
Vodafone LifestyleLifestyle Daily1 day300MBGHS5*700*42#
Lifestyle Weekly7 days800MBGHS15*700*43#
Lifestyle Monthly30 day1GBGHS20 *700*44#
Lifestyle Monthly30 day2GBGHS40*700*44#
Vodafone Night KingsNight King12am - 4am2GBGHS2*700*71#
Night King12am - 4am7.5GBGHS5*700*72#
Vodafone Bundle for SomeoneChat Monthly30 day1.2GBGHS20*700*4#

Vodafone X

According to Vodafone Ghana, Vodafone X is a lifestyle product for the youth that offers great data bundles and loyalty packages for subscribers.

Inasmuch as Vodafone X came in as a lifestyle product for the youth. It offered great data bundles and loyalty packages for its subscribers. According to Vodafone , you can get up to 10gb for all your browsing data needs and enjoy Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. That is Vodafone X for you.


Vodafone Red

The Vodafone Red Offer (Product) started on 16th February 2019. That makes this product still fresh from the oven. You can activate Vodafone Red by either dialing 5353 to follow the voice prompt or the Vodafone Red code: *200#, *7070#, *151*3# for various Vodafone Red offers.

Get to know more about Vodafone Red here.


Vodafone Cash

Vodafone Cash is the Vodafone’s own MoMo. Its simple. Send and receive money from business partners, family and friends right on your  mobile phone.

Whether its about registering for Vodafone Cash, activating your account, loading your account or sending money to someone – this getting started guide will be your best friend.

What are the charges for Vodafone Cash you may ask?

Quickly, you can find the breakdown of Vodafone Cash tarrif structure here..

How do I register for Vodafone Cash?

Take heart, you can find Vodafone Cash Customer Application Form here and become a customer in a few minutes.

Here is a User Guide which contains information on how to get started with Vodafone Cash and covers features and services available.

Looking forward to the time when online shoppers, marketers and entrepreneurs can link online payment portals such as PayPal and eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress etc.. to their Vodafone Cash account.

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Frequently Asked Question on Vodafone Bundles

How do I buy a Vodafone bundle?

You can buy a Vodafone Bundle by dialing *700#. Same, you can explore a specific Vodafone bundle with *700*1#. Further, dial *151# (Vodafone Information Service) for any information on Vodafone bundles and other Vodafone products.

How do I make a Vodafone call bundle?

Sure you can buy a Vodafone Call Bundle by dialing *700#. Same, you can explore a specific Vodafone bundle with *700*1#. Further, dial *151# (Vodafone Information Service) for any information on Vodafone bundles and other Vodafone products.

How do I activate my Vodafone bundle?

Activating your Vodafone bundle is as easy as paying for your preferred data bundle and after a successful registration, you will receive a message confirming the exact offer benefits.

How do I transfer data bundles on Vodafone?

Apparently, you can bundle data for someone whit short code *700*4#.

How can I buy Vodafone data?es over the years.

You can buy a Vodafone data by dialing *700#. Same, you can explore a specific Vodafone bundle with *700*1#. Further, dial *151# (Vodafone Information Service) for any information on Vodafone bundles and other Vodafone products.


Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited operating under the name Vodafone Ghana has gone through a lot of changes over the years.

What is your take on its operations.

Are you satisfied with its voice and data bundles?

Are you a student, an entrepreneur or a small business,  how do you use Vodafone data bundles?

What will you change or add if you had the chance to make critical decisions for this company?

Your turn.

Let us know you take on Vodafone and its data bundles. Or you have questions that need specific answers.

Your comments…

Yes YOU…!


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