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Video Call apps: Free Video chat on your computer – Even in Ghana

How to Video Chat on Your Computer for Free Now with these video call apps.

5 free video call Apps to make this happen – sshhh don’t tell anybody.

Little did you know about these secrets?

I know you don’t know.

Most of the time you’re tempted to believe that – you should be some IT guru to enjoy these free live chat services.

But hey!

No you shouldn't. You’re also somebody. 


Do you know that you can download these free chat apps today?

In fact, try it out now, and start video calls and chats for free on your desktop or laptop.

Don’t ask me if it works on your smartphone. I’m sorry. Its desktop computer based.

Moreover, your amazing smartphone already does something similar for you.

The difference and advantage here is “video”. An intimate face-to-face interaction with that special person.

Once you're all set up, you can almost instantly connect with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else who is also using the same app.

It’s that simple.

If you download the app for live chat, tell him or her to download it too.

This is perfect for distant relationships, family abroad or overseas, international clients etc.

If you cannot meet them in person, then meet them on your computer.

Prerequisites for these free calls and chats:

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Ample bandwidth
  • A webcam
  • An audio input device – microphone
  • An output device – speaker

Video call apps #1: Skype

You’ve probably heard about skype but it looks monstrous to you. Don’t worry you’re in good hands.

Regarded as the most popular and industry standard for voice and video calling, skype doesn’t fail.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp and Viber have overthrown skype in the mobile version of things it does best -chatting live.

You’ll agree that voice/video chats and calls on your smartphone is more of WhatsApp or Viber. The rest are trying. I pity them.

After Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook acquired WhatsApp for billions of dollars, you’re assured of serious dominance in the mobile chatting - service delivery.

They just can’t fail.

However Skype does what it knows how to do better. Best for free communication via your computer.

Skype is very easy to use and available for all platforms. The skype app offers HD quality voice/video calls and is also well-known as the best for visual and sound quality.

You only need your skype ID or username to video chat and call your loved once.

And it is free on the skype network.

You can also get a dedicated phone number for an affordable price. Just about $50.

This number can be used for business activities if your personal phone number means a lot to you. You can call anyone anywhere provided they are also using the app on their computer.

If you want to call landlines and mobile phones, that is where you pay low international fees which differs from country to country.

Try Skype out today.

Video call apps #2: Google Hangout

Do you know that you can make calls through your Gmail account?

You can lie – but you don’t know.

Masa woboa!!

May have seen some “chat thing” in your Gmail inbox but you barely know how to use it.

All you need is a Gmail account and you can login into a call or chat right away – from anywhere.

It’s that simple and easy to use.


Google Hangout, also known as G-chat is quite amazing and free.

It’s almost like you online phone. Your stored email contacts are your main contacts but you can add others as well.

Since it runs entirely in your web browser, you don't have to download a program in order to run it.

It virtually grabs your webcam and internal microphone through the Google Hangouts website and delivers HD transmission of both right through the browser.

You can use an external microphone as well. I recommend a USB microphone for this purpose.

Google Hangouts is also available as a mobile app for video chat on Android and iOS, an alternative to WhatsApp or Viber for this reason.

You can download these apps for your phone on the Google Hangouts website or Google play store.

Video call apps #3: Facebook

What about Facebook?

Facebook too dey do this thing some.”

“Asem b3n nni”

Apart from being the most popular social media network, they also help you video chat or call for free on your web browser.

Open a message with someone and then click the small camera icon to initiate the call.

It’s that super easy. Let me know if you can’t do that.

And I’ll help you close your Facebook account.

You only need an updated Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser which doesn’t suck. Otherwise, Facebook will alert you on any plugin necessary to make your call experience better and stellar.

Note: Go to the Facebook Help Center if you need help using Facebook's video chat feature through or the mobile Messenger app.

Stop anything you’re doing and ask for that help now.

Video call apps #4: Viber

As a huge proponent of the “What is in your hand?” principle, I hope you’ve flirted with Viber in one way or the other.

It's as easy to use especially if you’ve use the mobile version before.

Select a contact from the "Viber Only" section of your contact list, and then using the video button to start the call.

Viber lets you turn the video off whenever you like, mute the call, or even transfer the call.

It literally works so much like a regular phone.

In fact, one of the easiest video call apps to use on this list.

The only downside is that, Viber can only works on Windows 10.

You can download the app on other devices like Android and iOS, but those devices can only use the text and voice calling features.

Video call apps #5: FaceTime

This is FaceTime not the other face – ‘the book’.

Unfortunately, this free call app it is exclusively for the apple operating system powered devices.

I’m sorry for my Android fellows but I understand.

No worries, I’m also not using an iPhone or any “I” device.

Maybe I can’t buy.

FaceTime does some extraordinary things and I’ll tell you some of that.

Apart from their simple and easy-to-use interface, they also offer perfect audio and video quality.

Obviously, if you do have a Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can easily make video or audio calls from the device, almost in the exact same way you would make a regular phone call.

FaceTime lets you search through your phone's contacts to find someone to call. Similar to that of Google Hangouts.

Another great feature is that - you can see in real time, which of your contacts are using FaceTime.

NOTE: (you can't call someone unless they’ve also signed up for FaceTime).

So these video call apps can immediately switch your text-based chatting into an audio-visual chatting experience in a few minutes.

All I want you to do is to try at least one of these online chat apps now. Give me feedback through the comments section and lets together make our communication more intriguing.

Check these similar free video call apps out – they may give you what you want:

  • ooVoo
  • Ekiga
  • Nimbuzz


I’ve started asking for help – more now.

I use to feel bad about that, but after my consistent ‘successful” failures, I don’t hesitate to do it now.

If you’re not ready to help me - you’re probably a failure in the first place.

And life is probably whipping you for that. It’s not your fault.

That’s my new analogy when it comes to “help”.

As I mentioned earlier on. Always use something you’re already familiar with.

You may be hearing of a number of these apps for the first time. No worries.

Remember my simple principle “What is in your hands?”

Until you have adequate bandwidth, internet connection and other tools and resources, don’t sweat it.

These free video call apps are not going anywhere – the last time I checked.

They’re here to stay.

Use the ones you have and leave the ones you can’t use now for tomorrow.

You probably would only make use of only one of these services in the long run.

NOTE: Always be efficient – Technology is addictive.

You turn:

Tells us your experience with video chatting or any suggestions to help other chat live on their computers and laptops for free.

Your comments is my oxygen.

Fuel me up.


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