20 Amazing facts you didn’t know about UBA Africard visa

This is the main reason why you must consider the UBA Africard visa as your one and only prepaid card for online transactions.

You finally decided to do your online shopping. You’ve heard that it is better to use a prepaid card, instead of the normal ATM card.

You need a card then, right? 


So many banks.

Which prepaid card do you trust?

Your head starts to spin... 

If you’re caught up in this dilemma, you’re in the right place.

Here you are with 20 interesting facts about the UBA Africard visa.

Better still, there is a more in-dept guide and review on the UBA Africard here for you..

 I know you’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision afterwards.   

  1. You don’t need a bank account with UBA to apply for a UBA Africard. You’ll need a bank account for a MasterCard, a debit card or an ATM card. UBA Africard is a visa prepaid card. An e-wallet from UBA for your online transactions. It is suitable for purchasing products and services. All you need to do is to provide an ID, a passport-size photograph, a TIN number and a deposit amount. Fill a form and the prepaid card is issued to you. Simple.
  1. Its cost less than $10 - about 30 cedis to acquire uba Africard in Ghana. It is just about the same everywhere. It is either charges an your bank account or paid. To be issued a UBA Africard, all you have to pay for this awesome prepaid card is just about $7.
  1. UBA Africard is issue instantly. You’ll not have to wait or days to start using your UBA Africard. It is instant. The issuance of the UBA Africard visa card and its usage can be accomplished in a day. In fact within an hour or two. This is amazing. However, if you prefer to have your name inscribed on the card as with many ATM cards, then you’ll need to request for such a service. It should be done within a week.
  1. It only takes you about an hour to acquire your UBA Africard. It always baffles many when i tell them - getting a UBA Africard is instant. Hope you’re not surprised too. Yes it's possible. If you make the necessary requirement I've outline in this beautiful post here. And follow my recommendations. You’ll spend just about an hour or two to be issued your UBA Africard. Is as simple as that.
  1. It can be used as an ATM card for local withdrawals. UBA Africard was  created to enhance and improve online transactions. Access to this prepaid card will allow you to withdraw an ATM. if you and the need to withdraw some cash for personal use. Why not. It's your money and the card is your UBA Africard visa.
  1. You can withdraw money at any ATM with your UBA Africard at no cost. Its FREE. as important as the previous point is. It can be even more exciting. How? Withdraws on your UBA Africard on ATM's are free. I don't know why. But who doesn’t like freebies. I do. Let me know if you don’t.
  1. Risk-free. If your UBA Africard is compromised online or hacked, you’ll only lose the money on the card; online safety and security is at the heart of UBA Africard creators. You and i know how it can  be rough on the internet. Bad people are everywhere. They're looking for you. Inasmuch as you try your best to stay safe. It's important to have a plan B when the unfortunate happens. If your prepaid card is compromised, report to the nearest UBA branch for assistance to block its further usage. The main reason why it is good that it is not linked to a bank account. UBA Africard gives you freedom.     
  2. Your UBA Africard is accepted on PayPal. I used my first UBA Africard on PayPal. When any other MasterCard, debit card and prepaid cards were rejected, UBA Africard visa to my rescue. I find it difficult linking any other card to PayPal from then. It has always done the job. It's a breeze.

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  1. Your UBA Africard visa is accepted on Amazon. Amazon is by far the biggest eCommerce platform in the word. There are billions of dollars moving in and out of the Amazon marketplace on a daily basis. Security and trust is one of Amazon’s utmost priority. PayPal is not even accepted or payment on amazon. My UBA Africard is my go to card whenever I’m buying from Amazon. It's always a smooth process. 

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  1. You can withdraw from most ATM around the world. Is your UBA Africard visa is on you when you travel? You’re in luck. UBA makes it possible to withdraw from most ATM's around the world. You can not only use your card at POS points but on ATM's too.
  1. You can check your account or card balance online here. I always have my online login details handy. I'm in a hurry to look at the charges of specific online and local transactions. This process is a simple and convenient way of tracking the balance and charges associated with your prepaid card.
  1. UBA Africard visa is a prepaid card. You see I've used prepaid card interchangeably with UBA Africard in this piece many times. This is because that is what it is. A prepaid card. UBA Africard is a card you load with money for future use. Of all prepaid cards - UBA Africard is all you need.
  1. Your UBA Africard is Visa Verified. This is an option you can enable on the web interface of your UBA Africard account. Visa verified or Verified by Visa is exactly what it is. Visa is internationally accepted for its reputation. And being a Visa Verified card adds another layer of security to the UBA Africard for transactions.  
  1. You can print your account statement online. There has been instances where i had to provide payment evidence for authentication purposes. Even more, to verify my ownership  of the card. When the need arises, a screenshot or a full printed statement of transactions on the card is your only proof of ownership. Go to the UBA Africard online portal. And get this done with.
  1. You can withdraw your PayPal Cash on this card. The ease and difficulty in withdrawing online especially on PayPal is a very controversial topic in our part of the world. But it shouldn’t be so. There has been so many ways of going through this process. The easiest way I’ve found today is to withdraw your money onto a linked card to your PayPal account. And the only card I've known to be fit for this purpose is the UBA Africard. Period! 
  1. Your money is not lost, if your card is missing. Don't stress this. By virtue of the fact that your card is lost doesn’t necessarily means your money is lost. Don’t panic. First check or login to the online portal. This will reassure you of the safety of your money. Quickly go to any UBA branch or call toll free  () and report this issue to the appropriate authority. This issue will be rectified and you’ll be issued another prepaid card if the need arises.
  1. You can send money from another account to your UBA Africard. I’m big on automation. And yes, in a few years to come - many online and offline activities will be automated. I’m always thinking about ways to send money to and from my UBA Africard. In fact, this is doable if you have a uba account. UBA provides you with tools to make deposits and withdrawals on prepaid cards possible. Its generally difficult from a different account to a prepaid account if its not the same bank. Mainly because of the independence of prepaid cards. Maame Serwaa, a UBA service personal open my eyes to a website that can make this dream a reality. This website www....com makes it easy. 
  1. It is widely used and accepted in Africa for online transaction. Hence the name AFRICARD. Made for the Africard whether. For the African people. And for African convenience. UBA Africard is by far the most widely used prepaid card today. And it is not by mistake. I love it and i hope you’ll do too.
  1. Your money will be transferred  to another card when your UBA Africard expires. Expiration doesn’t mean termination. Your card may be valid for a year or two. Request or you;ll be requested to get a new card as at when the expiration date draws near. And this is a simple process. Take your card to the bank. Go through the process of acquiring a new card and you’re good to go. FINITO!
  1. Incorrect transaction on the UBA Africard visa can be checked, revised and rectified. If you don't feel comfortable about how transactions are happening on your card, you can alert appropriate authorities to halt all payments if you have automatic or recurring payments especially. Furthermore, you can instruct the personnel working on your card to confirm form you before any transaction goes through. All incorrect balancing will be rectified.
  1. You have ME to support you when you’ve any issue with your uba Africard. 
  2. You only pay 2 cedis whenever you’re withdrawing from your uba Africard.

More tips and facts to come... stay with us.


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