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UBA Africard: The Ultimate Guide to UBA’s Africard in Ghana

Don’t worry if you don't know about UBA Africard. You've probably heard that you’ll need this UBA prepaid card for PayPal or for buying online.

I might have stumble upon it the same way. May be someone recommended it to me. I've forgotten the exact scenario. 



It was at this lean startup event several years ago at British Council in Kumasi. Where this guy talked about a card he used for online purchases.

So people were recommending different cards from banks. And he talked about how convenient and easier it was to load or fund his UBA Africard for his online buying and selling business.


Now I do.

So I ask him where he got it. And he showed me the nearest UBA branch which was very close to the British Council.

In fact the bank was about three blocks behind the venue.

Like a friend introducing you to some cute girl.

That’s how it all started for me.

From love at first sight and some severe addiction. To some weird up-and-down marriage no one knows where its getting to.

No worries if you love your bank. I know you do.

Please don't wear your defensive boots. I'm not here to steal you for your bank.

Far from that.    

Here is a quick video to wet your appetite on the benefits of UBA Africard:

From a proper perspective let’s look at how and when UBA’s Africard came and its journey in Ghana.

A Brief history of UBA Africard

uba africard

United Bank of Africa upon its entrance into the Ghanaian market introduced this prepaid card called “Africard” in 2003.

There was the need for a card that offers the opportunity to seamlessly transfer funds in a hassle-free manner.

The aim was simple.

To enhance and promote branch-less banking.

According to Managing Director, at the launch of the Africard prepaid card.

 Mr. Oliver Alawuba said,“Branchless banking is the future of banking in this country and our introduction of the Africard is our way of promoting branch-less banking. We feel compelled to continue to empower our customers by providing them with several options to conveniently access financial services,”

 The ultimate objective was to bridge the gap between the banked and the un-banked with the right channel strategy that gives the customer greater flexibility in accessing basic banking services in the country

 The UBA Africard, can be obtained instantly.

  • It can be used in ATM's and point of sale terminals all over the world..
  • It is Verified by Visa, which ensure internet security over payments online.

All Bank of Ghana regulations apply. Such as the one that says, “Individuals cannot transfer more than US$10,000 dollars per annum with prepaid card platforms."

How to get UBA Africard

uba africard

Basic requirements for a UBA Africard

  • A recent passport photograph
  • A form of ID (Passport, Driver’s licence or any National ID card)
  • A TIN number
  • A 30cedis card fee
  • A specified deposit amount of your choice.

 UBA Africard can be used for online shopping. It will be your best friend if you do lots of shopping online.

Its a no-nonsense card that can be trusted. Where other prepaid, debit cards or even MasterCard's fall short, UBA's Africard walks through.

 Very robust, friendly and compatible to all situations.

You can use it for any kind of online transactions.

The most interesting part is that you can get it even if you are not banking with UBA. It does not require any bank account.

Process of acquiring UBA Africard

  1. Go to any UBA branch near you.
  2. Provide the required documents
  3. Fill a form (Name, Address, phone etc)
  4. Wait for about 30 minutes for your Africard prepaid card

Note: There are 2 types of prepaid cards:

  • personalized and
  • non-personalized or instant

The personalized card will have your name on it and it will take up to about a week collect. But the instant card will be issued to you the same day.

Upon receiving your card, you’ll see two 4 digit pins with an instruction manual and the card in the envelope.


I recommend you can change your withdrawal pin at the ATM machine with the help of your banker.

You can now load any amount to wish to deposit onto this prepaid card. This is how you’ll fund your UBA Africard from now on.

You can then go online  to activate your UBA Africard. Follow the instruction manual for a step-by-step guide. Very important.

 How to Activate your UBA Africard

uba africard

If all the requirements on how to get a UBA Africard has been met, your Africard prepaid card will be issued for collection.

You are therefore required to fund the card with an amount to activate the card for use.

You’ll load or fund the Africard with a 10 digit code which can be seen at the back of the card.

If all requirements are fulfilled, you will be issued an envelope with your card and activation pin(s).

One of the Pins will be used to access your account on the internet via myubaafricard.com and the other for withdrawals via ATM's and POS/Web purchases.

 UBA Africard activation online

The next thing after you receive the envelope which contains your UBA Africard details, is to activate the prepaid card online.

The banking service personnel will take you through the process of activating your card.

It's a simple process.

To activate your UBA Africard,

First log in to www.myubaafricard.com

  • Enter your card number and passcode to log in.
  • Confirm your details and continue.
  • At the left sidebar of the web page, click " Activate".
  • Enter your card number on the next page
  • Click "submit".
  • On the signature panel code, enter the three digit number at the back of your card.
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter The card expiration date
  • Enter your phone number
  • Then submit.

This is how you activate a UBA Africard.

How to fund UBA Africard

Your UBA Africard is funded as with any other prepaid card. Deposit the amount you wish to fund your account with.

You’ll receive an instant alert on the phone linked to your account on a successful deposit.

Note, that you’ll be charged 2 cedis as per any deposit you do on your UBA Africard.

Funding a UBA Africard is as simple as doing a payment at your bank.

Enjoy your online transactions.

How to check UBA Africard balance online

uba africard

You’ve gone through the process of acquiring the UBA Africard.

How do you check your account balance?

Very legitimate question.

In fact, many online portals do a trial deposit into your UBA Africard account to prove your ownership of the card.

So you would’ve to check your account balance online to see and respond to this deposit.

You can check your Africard balance on your phone, a tablet or just about any computer with internet access.  

For instance, PayPal will do a couple of deposits into your UBA Africard account.   This is to verify that the linked prepaid card is yours.

And having to check this deposits may be very crucial at .

The process is simple.

All you’ve to do is login to your account through the web portal here.

Benefits and Features of UBA Africard

uba africard

These are some of the features and benefits of acquiring UBA's Africard, according to the official UBA website;

Features of the Africard (Prepaid Card)

This is a Visa enabled card that is not linked to any account. It has to be pre-funded before it is used. It is similar to an electronic wallet.


  • PIN protected with chip technology for enhanced security
  • SMS alert notification for any transaction
  • Secure payment via internet with Verified By Visa (Any visa Website in the world)
  • Card to card funds transfer
  • Self PIN Generation on www.myubaafricard.com

Benefits of the Africard (Prepaid Card)

  • You don’t need a bank account - Alternative to a bank account!!!
  • More channels to use UBA Prepaid (ATM, POS, Websites, Mobile phone)
  • Access to Cash and online payment available 24/7
  • Access to any foreign currency anywhere in the world (USD, GBP, EURO, etc)
  • Provides up to date transaction history via www.myubaafricard.com
  • SMS Text Alert is received in real time for any transaction performed.
  • In the case of lost or stolen of Card, the value on the card remains intact.
  • In case of any issues, exposure is limited to the balance of UBA Prepaid Card 

How to Use UBA Africard on PayPal

uba africard

Apart from being the main reason why I got my first UBA Africard, I’ve perhaps used my UBA Africard more on PayPal than anywhere else.

Linking a prepaid card to your PayPal account helps a lot.

For payment, PayPal may use your linked card as your preferred payment method. This only happens on your permission.

I almost always use my linked UBA Africard as my preferred payment on any PayPal account I create.

Why? In that,

  • First, funds in your PayPal balance remains intact to keep your PayPal Ghana account in good standing.
  • Second, its an opportunity to buy or pay for products and services online without any funds in your PayPal Ghana account. Very important.
  • Third, PayPal as a service adds another layer of security to your UBA Africard and online transaction as a whole.

Using UBA Africard on Amazon and other online stores

uba africard

Many eCommerce, stores and online payment portal may not accept some details from you as a Ghanaian. At times, just that can hinder your payment from going through.

That is where this UBA Africard clearly has an upper hand.

It is quite robust, compliant and internationally accepted on payment portals.

I’ve used my Africard on Amazon for many years now.

And Amazon asks no questions off of this prepaid card. It's always a breeze.

However, there are vendors who do not accept prepaid cards as a whole. That is where the UBA Africard may not go through.

It has always done the job for me and it will do same for you.

This is the card I use to buy all my audiobooks, WordPress themes and plugins, and many other design tools.

It’s Your Turn to Share

Now that you know how to find and use UBA's Africard, it’s your turn to tell us about your experience with this UBA Africard or any other prepaid, debit or MasterCard's you’ve used.

The point is not to get a card that can do magic for you.

The ultimate aim is to have the best experience on the web whenever you’ve to do an online transaction.

Do not stress it.

If you need a prepaid card in Ghana, I’ve simplified the process for you.

Find the nearest UBA branch and pick your Africard.

If you have any questions, comments or hacks of your own with regards to paying online, let s know all about it.

Write in the comments section below!

Thank you.


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