phone running slow?

Phone running slow? 9 phone speed up tips for you.

Nana, why is my phone running slow - please how can I speed up my phone?   I'm always bombarded with questions just like this.   


  • Why is my Android phone getting slow?
  • How do I make my phone faster?
  • How is my Android phone so slow?
  • What are the best apps to speed up my phone?

How I wish I could wave some magic wand and phew - things get better.

Apparently, some phones and tablets are generally slow but most of the time, you're the cause of your phone running slow. 


Quick Android Speedup tips for phone running slow:

How to make a smartphone faster ....

  • Only keep apps you use frequently.
  • Uninstall any unnecessary/nuisance apps.
  • Check your data usage for apps that are consuming data resources in the background.
  • Reboot your phone at least every weekend.
  • Switch off battery saving mode.
  • Periodically delete/clear your text messages.
  • Reduce your screen brightness. 
  • Check out for your phone heating up every now and then.

Yes that image. I've forgotten where I got it from.

But all it said was that, "Before you marry a girl, leave her with a computer with slow internet."


I agree perfectly.

It's so annoying to be using a laggy device. Slow phones, slow tablets never excites anyone. it's a huge pain in the ass. 

The good news for phone addicts is that there are some easy ways to speed up your phone or slow tablet and keep it running faster

I love messing up with my phone and tablet settings.

Aane! I’m kind of perfectionist. I know you're too.

If  you don’t get to the bottom of that phone's settings, you're not done.

"fekyerefekyere saa, na w'agye w'ani so" ​

I’m spoilt. You’re spoilt.... " Yɜ nyinaa y'asɛe"                                                               Thanks to our beloved so-called smartphones and tablets.

Dazzling with all the things a smartphone can now do for you and I, we still get furious when things we want doesn’t pop up as quickly as we want and command them to.

A decade ago, who ever thought a phone could take pictures, process it and send to a friend instantly.

"Nansa yi aa, nanso hwɛ wo guy guy ne wo shii shii"

It looks easy now. I don't blame you.

Now owning an iPad or tablet is no more for the swag but it can now boost of a decent video camera which can compete with any professional video setup.

It’s amazing. Don’t get too excited..... me nua!.

As my weird economics teacher would say, "Rational human beings are so insatiable." 

We always want more. More and more.

But hey wait, little do you know the disservice pictures, videos etc. could be doing to these devices when you overuse them. Your device get slower over time.

Neither is it from the manufacturer or the place of manufacturing – its mostly because of you own settings, actions and commands you’ve given to the device.

So let's diagnose and propose some simple but powerful ways of turning your slow smartphones into smart Bugatti’s or Ferrari’s.

Slow phone tip 1: Close all Apps

It looks simple right?

But you haven’t thought of it. Generally, having a lot of apps opened on your phone slows it down.

In fact, mobile operating systems; Android and apple IOS does a marvelous job of managing your device resources, but having a number of apps opened can cause it to slow down.

First of all, close all the apps you’re presently not using.

How to fix this:

  • You can close apps by tapping the task button, which is usually a square button either at the bottom of the display or just below the screen (usually on the lower right corner).
  • This will bring up all of the most recent apps in a cascading or steps style down the screen.
  • Simply swipe up or down to move through the list and tap the X button in the upper right corner of each app window to close the app.

  Ƹnoa no no, w’awie!

Just doing this can drastically speed up your phone or your slow tablet with no stress.

Slow phone tip 2: Simply reboot the device.

I hate buzzwords. I want to be as simple and not sound geeky as possible. But don’t be thrown away by the word reboot.

All I want you to do is put your phone off and turn it back on.              If closing down apps doesn't cure the lagging phone problem, a quick reboot should do the trick.

We normally think suspending the device by pressing the button on the side which turns the screen off is actually powering off your Android phone or tablet.

You actually need to press this button for several seconds until a menu pops up offering you the choice to "Power off", or on some devices, "Restart".

After your Android device powers down, wait a few seconds and then press the same button again to power it back ON again.

This is basically a cleaning process that will refresh the memory and reload the operating system, which should cure most of your problems.

Just try this now with your slow phone.

I hope this will change "phone running slow" syndrome to a "speedy phone".

Slow phone tip 3: Disable Unused/Unnecessary Widgets

We've closed out of apps, and rebooted.

Phone running slow still?

Now what? Ƹnti den...!

It's now time to take a look at widgets, those helpful mini-apps can sometimes eat up too much resources.

A few widgets like a clock or Chrome bookmarks can be great additions to your home screen, but remember, every widget is running in real time when you are using your device.

If you've installed a number of widgets, try disabling a few to increase your speed.


  • You can remove a widget by pressing your finger down on the widget and holding it down until it move with your finger.
  • A "Remove" section should appear on the top of your home screen. Simply drag the widget to the “Remove” section and drop it.
  • If no remove section appears, try dragging the widget off the screen and drop it, this process works with some older devices.

Slow phone tips 4: Check your Internet Speed

Phone running slow still? .

If your phone is still running slow then you're probably slow yourself.

Don’t worry, I'm here to help. "Aane mɛbua wo!"

Have you checked your internet connection?

This is unlikely to cause a slow phone or slow tablet but your device will seems slower under a poor internet connection. There are many Internet-related tasks done on our tablets and smartphones.


  • We surf the internet
  • check email
  • Gossip on facebook
  • find out what everyone is up to on twitter
  • Watch unnecessary things online etc.

Lemme stop there before you say, "braa, ɛfa wo ho bɛn?"                                     And if your connection to the web is slow, so will your bandwidth and it will trickle down to your phone.

First of all, download the Ookla Speedtest app from the Google Play store to check the speed of your connection.

The first thing to look at is your Ping time.

phone running slow

This measure how long it takes to send a piece of information to the server and back and can be just as important as bandwidth. Its basically how your device processes data.

Here, anything under 100 milliseconds (ms) should be fine, with under 50ms being preferable. However, if you are hovering around 200ms, you will experience noticeable delays.

Also, your download speed (bandwidth) should be at least 5 megabytes-per-second (Mbps) to properly stream video, and 8mbps or more to enjoy your video experience better.

phone running slow

Service providers now offer anywhere between 20 Mbps and 80 or even more. If you are under 5 Mbps, you will definitely want to check with your provider about upgrading.

It’s rather unfortunate. But Vodafone Ghana still can’t figure out why I still have less than 2 Mbps – normally "1. something" Mbps download speed.

Apparently, my area is still running on copper cables today, while fibre is now the industry standard.                                                                    "We're gradually rolling out our fibre connection", claims Vodafone Ghana.  ​

"Ƹsε mmoa​, vodafonefoͻ"

They seem clueless just as I am.

The distance to your router could also cause issues. If your Internet is running slow, try moving closer to the router and check the speed.

If you are getting slow speeds but believe it should be faster, you can try rebooting the router. Much like your tablet or smartphone, a reboot can allow the router to have a fresh start, which can help your phone run faster

Slow phone tips 5: Update to the Latest Version of Android or OS

Still phone running slow? Don't worry.

 If you've done all the above already, then there might be something generic going on.

After rebooting your system, closing apps and widgets and bumping up your internet speed; had no influence on your devices’ speed?

Then you must be looking at your version of the operating system. Having or downloading a newer version of the operating system may just be your answer.

Actually Android does a periodic update of their operating system. You probably have been ignoring this very important device upgrade. That might be your saviour.

These upgrades are not just for fun. They check and fix security challenges, storage and memory issues which your device can do away with.

Thety literally come in to answer pertinent questions and provide solutions to problems/complaints from users. Never ignore a system update or upgrade.

This is how you update your Android system if you ignored the automatic update.

  •  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Settings and tap on "About smartphone" or "About tablet".
  • Tap "System Upgrade", which is at the top of the screen. Your device will display whether you are on the latest version of Android or not and provide you with an upgrade button if needed.

Please try this process right now.

Slow phone tip 6: Disable Live Wallpapers

This one is quite simple but very tricky. A wallpaper is what you see when your phone or tablet is on, not the screensaver.

If you have a 'live' or animated wallpaper, it's a good idea to switch to a static background if you are having performance issues.

You can choose your wallpaper by opening the Settings app.                Choose Display and then tapping on Wallpaper.

It's better to use one of the default "Wallpapers" or a photo rather than choosing something from "Live Wallpapers".

Slow phone tips 7: Clear the App Cache

Lets not get all technical and geeky here. What is this cache thing?

After all, we're having an issue with our phone running slow - what has caching got to do with it. 

Neither is it a skill you can put on your CV.​

I use to get goosebumps when I saw that word on my phone or computer. It looks so “nyamanyama

The concept of cache, is simple. And I will tell you why. Every device or app wants to be user friendly and interactive.

Apparently, we do the same things repeatedly. It may be using WhatsApp, any other App or visiting a particular web page.

Are you following me? I hope you do............

The device notices your repeated actions. And so, to bring that App or web page to you quickly and also to reduce the bandwidth used to call that action to happen; keeps a copy of that action in the device.

Basically a cache page presents you with a duplicate of a regular page you visit as fast as possible instead of going into the server to fetch for the original page.​

With the view that, whenever you call for that same action again, it will not go into its limited resources to recall that action from servers that will use valuable resources but will show you what it kept the previous time you used the App or we page.

If only you got my analogy - that is what caching does.

It literally keep a copy of your actions for future use rather than wasting valuable resources to go and fetch that same action evert time.

So now if you’re ok with caching, we may continue.

The app cache may contain temporary files that are no longer used, or worse, corrupted files that can cause disruptive issues. If you are having issues with your smartphone or tablet, it can be a good idea to clear the cache.

After all you may not be using it anyways.

The unfortunate side effect is that you may be asked to log into apps again, and the first time you boot into the app, it may take a bit of a longer time to load.

However, clearing out the cache can result in an overall improvement in performance.


  •  First, launching the Settings App.
  •  Scroll down and Choose Storage.
  •  You should see "Cached data" or "App cache" in the list.
  •  After you tap on "Cached data", you will be prompted to clear the data for all apps. Choose OK.

Slow phone tips 8: May be you should be Freeing Up some Storage Space

One of the most difficult things to do with your smartphone or tablet and even with computers. Freeing up space. Its that painful?

Especially if you have videos, music and other multimedia so dear to your heart. But hey! What else can you do?

It doesn’t fail to make your device efficient, work better and even new. If your device is gradually slowing down by the day. You should be checking your free internal storage space available for that matter.

You can check how much free space you have by opening the Settings app and tapping on Storage.

If you have under 1 GB, you may want to delete apps you no longer use to give the Android operating system a little more breathing space.

Slow phone tips 9:  Aha! Phone still Running Slow

The last thing you can try before biting the bullet and buying a new device is to restore your Android device to factory default settings.

This will put it into the same basic state it was in when you first bought it, which should clear up any problems that are causing performance issues.

However, if your tablet or smartphone is simply too old, it may start running slow again as you fill it up with modern apps.

You can restore your Android device to factory default by opening the Settings app, choosing "Backup and reset" and then tapping "Factory data reset". 

Final Thoughts:


  • Your phone is getting slower.
  • You want to increase your phone​ speed.
  • Speed up tablet.
  • Speed up a laggy phone.​

It’s always a smart choice to analyze on your phone to determine it's current health status periodically.

The many nuisance apps are using the most mobile data, storage space, or battery life.

Most of the time some very popular apps may be culprits but what else can you do. You love them!

The WhatsApp's, Snapchats, Facebook's and the likes. You either save them or your phone's life.    ​

Having analyzed and deleted the millions of videos, chats and pictures on your phone, and best of all updating your operating system, you should be proud of yourself!

At long last your smartphone should be running a lot more faster now.

I would recommend you go over these tips and tricks periodically, probably every week, in order to make sure you keep your phone in good health.​

Your Turn.....​

If you have any other tips, comment below and let us know how you deal with lag on your Android.


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