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No experience needed, just the willingness to learn….

Dear you,

I know and understand who you are.

I understand what you were looking for when you found Twitechy, because we’re just like you.

If you stick around and continue reading you’ll find even more interesting stuff.

If there was one word or phrase to describe you it would be:

  • Ama Creative
  • Kofi Ambitious
  • Serwaa Nfefemuu...

Twitechy helps you focus on what's really important in your life and business

I know you’re frequently spying on your phone to check who has a new DP on WhatsApp, what's happening on Facebook or twitter and above all you like "fekyerefekyere" when it comes to social media and technology at large.

I believe we’re kindred spirits and we’ve come together for a purpose, we’re just the same – "yε nyinaa yεpε…"

BUT if there was one word to describe your current situation (job, class, etc.) it would be….. BORING.

Me boa…?

You are either doing one of these things:

  • Hiding behind juicy chats on WhatsApp, what's trending on Facebook or Twitter so  you procrastinate on your boring job, class or that your thing.  OR
  • Trying your very best to do something on the computer, phone, or internet that you still can’t do.

Oh heck yes! We’ve all been there….

Those simple things like:

  • That word document, excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation – you still can’t figure out.
  • That social media (WhatsApp, Facebook page and Twitter account) you want create, change something on or close it for good – that you still can’t do.
  • That amazing online or mobile app, tool or software – you still can’t use.
  • And even the amazing idea to use social media and the internet to get more customers for your business.

Oh kafra! Me nua …. Today is your day of salvation.

So who is this guy making all this noise?

I'm Nelson, call me Nana – the smartest Internet marketer in Ghana and my team and I are obsessed with helping you through “Psychology and Marketing” to:

  • Get more customers for your business (small or large)
  • Do simple stuff on the internet, phone and your computer.
  • Build your online brand the right way (websites, graphic design and more).
  • Kill it with social media (Facebook. Twitter, Youtube etc)
  • Make you happy, hopeful and smiling all the times.

Did I mention HOPE there?

In fact that’s our mantra at Twitechy – “Share the hope

Why hope!

"Hope has to do what you need to, want to and love to do – the way you want to do it without being judged, ridiculed or stressed in any way."

We learn, read and write in English right?

But you and I know that we interact better in our local languages. And what about our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who struggle with “Ante Lizzie’s tongue - Engrish” but want to enjoy the Facebooks, twitter’s and google’s.

That is what I call hope – the hope to do what anyone can do in your own way. Above all, research suggest that we learn best with our local languages – China, Japan and France are typical examples.

Drop the “menim menim and abrכfo brכfo sεm” and let’s do it in TWI.

Yes in “Ghana language - TWI

In fact the challenge, in my experience is that; it is easy helping someone in English than teaching in Twi. It takes grit, perseverance and the love to help others. I strongly believe in GIVING.

And hey!, thanks for being here - I really appreciate it… and you.

Our Business So Far....

Twitechy understands you and your business.

We can help you with your business and any problem you’re struggling with:

  • web design
  • social media
  • branding etc.

So that you can really focus on what really matters in your business.

By choosing to work with us you’re making a smart move.

Twitechy - Ghana's Twi language

Before I go....

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Twitechy - Ghana's Twi language

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