10 Surprising facts about Ghanaians and Facebook

You’re here because you want to know my so-called facts about Facebook and Ghanaians, right?

Permit me to tell you a little story about these two fascinating groups.

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform. Facebook has never recorded a loss. None that I remember. Profits, year in year out.

However, in recent years, Facebook have recorded its own share of troubles, issues and problems. Apparently, there are more questions than answers for the managers and shareholders of Facebook today.

From the 2016 U.S election, European Union Parliament asking privacy questions pertaining to issues of security breaches of over 50 million accounts.  

Notwithstanding, there’s no doubt considering the fact that Facebook has revolutionized the digital media, internet and social networking world. How people relate to friends, family and businesses is now seamless.

How powerful is that?

It’s amazing.

For Ghanaians and Africans, Facebook has been live-changing. That could be said about many people all around the world. However, like Ghanaians do their THING – there is always the Ghanaian way.

We’ll look at the mindset of many Ghanaians in this post. How most Ghanaians know, feel and see Facebook as an entity.

From a 4000 feet birds eye view. With no pun intended. Prejudice is out of the equation.

Pure facts. Call it “the psychology”.  

Here are 10 striking but amazing facts Ghanaians have about their love for Facebook.

  1. Many Ghanaians access their Facebook accounts several time everyday. Little do they know Facebook knows more about them now than they know about themselves. Interest, behaviours, status etc..
  2. Most Ghanaians don’t know Facebook is a publicly owned entity with shareholders. Many believes Mark Zuckerberg still owns 100% of Facebook as a business.
  3. As at December 2017 there were about 4,900,000 Facebook subscribers in Ghana, which amounted to a 16.6% penetration rate by Facebook.
  4. Most Ghanaians don’t know they can advertise on Facebook. And if they know, they don’t really trust the system to work for them.
  5. Most Ghanaian businesses would rather pay several thousands for radio or TV ads than advertise to over 4,900,000 Facebook users. Facebook targets a very specific target audience.
  6. Most Ghanaians don’t know how Facebook makes money. Many know Facebook to be FREE. Yes it is – to some extent. But many don’t know Facebook is selling and advertising to them to buy on a regular basis.
  7. Many Ghanaians only check their newsfeed. They interact with friends and family on Facebook, just like many adult Facebook users in the U.S. lack a clear understanding of how the platform’s news feed works.
  8. Most Ghanaian Facebook users are not aware that Facebook lists their traits and interests for advertisers. And how they can take advantage of that for targeting their customers as businesses.
  9. Most Ghanaians are now concerned about what they post on Facebook. After several exposé, leakage of official documents and several explicit content on the platform. 
  10. Most Ghanaians don’t know Facebook also owns Instagram (for 1 billion U.S. dollars), Whatsapp (for 19 billion U.S. dollars) and other notable acquisitions. And that, data from one platform can be used to track and manipulate the other.


This is a list which will be updated from time to time..


This is because, people change their minds. People learn and understand what they didn’t know before. We all grow, isn’t?

In fact, Ghanaians learn quickly. That’s the main reason why I’m revealing this to you.

I know you have your own thoughts, views and facts on how Ghanaians view Facebook.

Do you know any assumptions which should be on this list?

Let me know in the comments area. It may end up in the list next time.


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