UBA Africard: The Ultimate Guide to UBA’s Africard in Ghana

uba africard

​Don’t worry if you don’t know about UBA Africard. You’ve probably heard that you’ll need this UBA prepaid card for PayPal or for buying online. I might have stumble upon it the same way. May be someone recommended it to me. I’ve forgotten the exact scenario. Read more


PayPal Ghana 2018: The Ultimate Guide to PayPal in Ghana

PayPal Ghana

Is PayPal in Ghana?

Does PayPal work in Ghana?

Will my PayPal Ghana account work in Ghana?

This and many questions I continue to hear Ghanaian’s ask almost everyday.

Hence “The Ultimate guide to PayPal Ghana 2018” from my humble self to all who are still struggling.

My goal here today is not to only help you create a PayPal account in Ghana but your online payments and overall success of your internet/online business. A PayPal Ghana account will be our Case study for this purpose.

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