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Video Call apps: Free Video chat on your computer – Even in Ghana

How to Video Chat on Your Computer for Free Now with these video call apps.

5 free video call Apps to make this happen – sshhh don’t tell anybody.

Little did you know about these secrets?

I know you don’t know.

Most of the time you’re tempted to believe that – you should be some IT guru to enjoy these free live chat services.

But hey!

No you shouldn't. You’re also somebody. 

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WhatsApp using too much data: How to reduce WhatsApp Data Usage

Why is whatsapp using too much data? You may ask. Whatsapp data usage cannot be underestimated when it comes to how mobile data is used in our everyday life.

There may not be specific ways on how to reduce, lower or save whatsapp data usage. However, doing your very best to decrease the impact of the seemingly inevitable chatting app - whatsapp on your mobile data can be crucial. 

After dishing out so many functionalities and whatsapp updates to subscribers, who knows exactly what Zuckerberg and his crew may be planning for whatsapp users with over 1 billion user logging in every month

That number is shocking, right?


People are more protective of the usage of their mobile data than their phones now.


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