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PayPal in Ghana: How to withdraw money from PayPal Ghana

There’s not one day I’ve not received a call on the question: How to withdraw money from a PayPal in Ghana.

Short answer. You can withdraw your PayPal money here in Ghana by:
1. Creating a PayPal Ghana account in any of the PayPal compliant African countries where you can link a card like the UBA Africard for withdrawal.
2. Use Xoom - a PayPal money transfer service as a withdrawal platform. Let your payee send your money through xoom, a PayPal affiliate service.
3. Find someone who needs your PayPal dollars. Send dollars to their account and takes the cedis equivalent here in Ghana.

It's as simple as that.

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PayPal Ghana 2018: The Ultimate Guide to PayPal in Ghana

Is PayPal in Ghana?

Does PayPal work in Ghana?

Will my PayPal Ghana account work in Ghana?

This and many questions I continue to hear Ghanaian's ask almost everyday.

Hence "The Ultimate guide to PayPal Ghana 2018" from my humble self to all who are still struggling.  

My goal here today is not to only help you create a PayPal account in Ghana but your online payments and overall success of your internet/online business. A PayPal Ghana account will be our Case study for this purpose.

Most Ghanaians have tried to ignore PayPal one way or the other. But, truly speaking Mr. PayPal have rather ignored Ghana.

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Phone running slow? 9 phone speed up tips for you.

Nana, why is my phone running slow - please how can I speed up my phone?   I'm always bombarded with questions just like this.   


  • Why is my Android phone getting slow?
  • How do I make my phone faster?
  • How is my Android phone so slow?
  • What are the best apps to speed up my phone?

How I wish I could wave some magic wand and phew - things get better.

Apparently, some phones and tablets are generally slow but most of the time, you're the cause of your phone running slow. 

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